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Kitten Listing > Chocolate Persian Kittens for sale

Chocolate Persian Kitten listing of breeders worldwide organized alphabetically by cat breed to help you more easily find a breeder nearest you. Click the cattery name to access the breeders website where you can view more cat pictures, persian kittens for sale, cattery and contact information.

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If you're searching for pet, breed, or show Persian cats and kittens for sale which may be visuals or carriers include colors: chocolate, lilac, chocolate tortie, lilac cream, chocolate tabby, lilac tabby, chocolate tortie tabby, chocolate bicolor, lilac bicolor, or chocolate carriers, the Persian kitten listing will be an ideal place to look. As you browse through the information below, click the cattery name to go directly to the cat breeders website. There you will be able to view more kitten pictures and information about the cattery and current chocolate Persian kittens for sale.

Persian Kitten - South Carolina

  Kittens Available
CatzR4me Cattery (CFA, TICA)
Email Bobbie Munro
Telephone: 803-414-1607
South Carolina, USA
Persian Kitten Colors - Chocolate, Lilac, Pointed, Bi-color

Persian Kitten Info: Catzr4me has several 1st generation chocolate carrier and visual Himmy, Persian and Exotic Short Haired kittens available now! Imported Lines! E-mail me at Catzr4me@aol.com for pedigree information and pictures. Where Cats are King (or Queen). Catzr4me offers all colors Persian, Himalayan and Exotic cats and kittens, but we specialize in Chocolate and lilac. CatzR4me has been breeding Himalayans for over 15 years, Persians for 12 years and in 2005 we added Exotics. In spring of 2007 we had our first visual exotics born. This is JUST the beginning. PKD testing is done to all of our breeders. We have cats from all over the world and strive to have the highest quality and well socialized cats. Please visit our website and come back often to see our latest additions.

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CatzR4me kittens for sale CatzR4me kittens for sale
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Persian Kittens - Texas

  Persian Kittens Available Now
Chocolate Diamonds (CFA)
Email Janifer
Telephone: 512-294-6993
Texas, USA
Persian Kitten: Chocolate, Lilac, Solid Whites, Pointed Himalayans, various other colors

Persian Kittens for sale info:

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Chocolate Diamonds Kittens Chocolate Diamonds Kittens Chocolate Diamonds Kittens Chocolate Diamonds Kittens
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Persian Kittens - Ottawa, Ontario Canada

  Kittens Available!!
Dreamz Kittens (CFA)
Email Lynn & Ben Seguin
Ottawa, Ontario Canada
Persian Kitten Colors - chocolate, lilac, bicolor, Himalayan in various color points

Persian Kitten Info: We produce many colors of kittens pointed and nonpointed specializing in very rare Chocolate and Lilac colors. Even the very beautiful Chocolate Tabbies. We ship everywhere and all kittens leave with all shots, we even now take PayPal for eazy payments. We only breed DNA tested stock negative for PKD, our babies run free in our home for a much more well adjusted baby and much more loving. We have never had any heart issues in our line even our vet is amazed as many longhair lines do. However we do also have a guarantee for any proven hereditary condition. Babies can be registered in either or both the CFA & CCA. Our pedigrees are to die for, many with 3 rare Grand Champions Chocolates at the front of their pedigree. Kittens are out of Champion, Grand Champion, and Canadian National top winning stock. We are the home of SMGC DREAMZ DREAM BEAU a Blue Lynx point Canada's number 5 in show season 2009-2010 the highest scoring Himalayan, and the home of SMGC DREAMZ POSIEDON a Chocolate point Canada's number 3 in show season 2012-2013, plus the highest scoring Himalayan and, winner of 7 Best of shows wins. We are one of Canada's top Himalayan breeders. We've also produced a few 2 show Grands one was even the rare Chocolate Tabby. Now l ask you why would you go to someone who just carries our line when you can get a true Dreamz baby of your owe.

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DREAMZ Himalayans & Persians DREAMZ Himalayans & Persians DREAMZ Himalayans & Persians DREAMZ Himalayans & Persians
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Persian Kittens - Ontario, Canada

  Kittens Available Now
Heart'nsoul Persian Kittens (CFA, CCA)
Email Caitlin Winn
Ontario, Canada
Persian Kitten Colors - Concentrating on chocolate and lilac but have all colours available

Persian Kitten Info: Heart'nsoul is a small CFA and CCA registered hobby cattery working with top blood lines and rare colours. PET, BREEDER and SHOW quality kittens available. "Newbies" are encouraged to enquire. We are proud to say that we are 100% PKD/FIV/FeLV tested negative and we offer a one year health guarantee on fatal congenital defects. All of our cats and kittens receive the best possible care, eat top quality foods and are given plenty of love. Kittens leave de-wormed, vet checked and given age appropriate vaccinations.

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HEART'NSOUL Himalayans & Persians HEART'NSOUL Himalayans & Persians HEART'NSOUL Himalayans & Persians  HEART'NSOUL Himalayans & Persians
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Persian Kittens - South Carolina

  Kittens Available Now
Hirscheez' Kittens (CFA)
Email Hirscheez'
Telephone: 386-235-7594
South Carolina, USA
Persian Kitten Colors - Chocolate, lilac, red, point, lynx

Persian Kitten Info: I have three solid cpc chocolates, two males, one female, and one red cpc male chocolate carrier out of DNA PKD negative parents pictured on my website. Our kittens are handled everyday and played with. They will be up to date shots and vet check. Excellent lines. They will be ready to go Sept. 30,2013, and will consider shipping. Feel free to ask for any info on them or out cats. These solids will be my last as I will only be breeding Himalayans once they are gone in all colors and lynx points. Our cattery is very small only 6 adult cats. And what I will be showing. Kitten colors are solid chocolate cpc, red solid cpc, seal point, seal lynx point boys that are avail now (but one is staying to be shown). This is my last litter for this year. Thank you and please stop by again.

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Hirscheez' Kittens Hirscheez' Kittens Hirscheez' Kittens Hirscheez' Kittens
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Persian Kittens - Florida

  Kittens Available Now
Mercedes Persian & Napoleon Kittens (CFA, TICA)
Email Mercedes Brunelle
Telephone: 386-986-8767
Florida, USA
Persian Kitten Colors - chocolate, lilac, blue, cream, red, black, tortie, chocolate tortie

Persian Kitten Info:
I am a small cageless CFA and TICA cattery located in Northeast, Florida. I breed Persians and Napoleons. All my kittens are hand raised. They come in all different colors: chocolate, lilac, blue, cream, red, black, tortie, chocolate tortie. All my cats and kittens are FIV, FeLV Negative. I breed for temperament and beautiful, healthy kittens. All my kittens come with a Florida Health Certificate. Shipping is always available.

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Mercedes Persians & Napoleons Mercedes Persians & Napoleons Mercedes Persians & Napoleons Mercedes Persians & Napoleons
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Persian Kittens - Australia

  Breeding & Showing Chocolate Persians in Bi Colours, Self & Smokes with loving personalities...
Richdean Persians (COAWA)
Email Deanne
Telephone: 0400-314-071
Persian Kitten Colors - Chocolate and lilac, Bi Colours, Smokes

Persian Kitten Info:
We are a small Persian Cattery dedicated to breeding Chocolate and Dilute Persians in Bi-Colour, Self and have newly introduced the Chocolate Smoke Colour. Whilst we have both Pure Persian and Exotic lines we do take extra pride in specifically breeding for Pure Persian lines which we believe have retained that extra special docile and loving temperament that Persians are renowned for :) *** SEE OUR WEBSITE FOR AVAILABLE KITTENS ***

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Richdean Persian Kittens Richdean Persian Kittens
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Persian Kittens - California

  Kittens Available
Sugar Paws (CFA)
California, USA
Persian Kitten Colors - Chocolate, lilac, cream, red, tortie, calico, tabby, bicolor

Persian Kittens for sale info: Sugar Paws is a very small home-based cattery. We have all colors including the exquisite colors of Chocolate and lilac. We are fungus free, FeLV/FIV & DNA tested PKD-negative. Our cat's health is top priority and we offer a full health guarantee. All kittens come with vaccination records & welcome kitten kit. Kittens are raised in our home in a clean environment and are well socialized from birth. Shipping available. Please visit our website to see our wonderful cats and kittens to see if we have your dream baby.

Other Kitten Listing - Himalayan Kittens

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