Himalayan kittens for sale, Himalayan cats for sale

Himalayan point kittens including chocolate and lilac point kittens for sale
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Kitten Listing > Himalayan Kittens for sale

Chocolate & lilac Himalayan Kitten listing of breeders worldwide organized alphabetically by cat breed to help you more easily find a breeder nearest you. Click the cattery name to access the breeders website where you can view more cat pictures, persian kittens for sale, cattery and contact information.

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If you're searching for pet, breed, or show Persian cats and kittens for sale which may be visuals or carriers include colors: chocolate point, lilac point, chocolate tortie point, lilac cream point, chocolate lynx point, lilac lynx point, chocolate tortie lynx point, chocolate bicolor point, lilac bicolor point, or chocolate carriers, the Himalayan kitten listing will be an ideal place to look. As you browse through the information below, click the cattery name to go directly to the cat breeders website. There you will be able to view more kitten pictures and information about the cattery and current chocolate Himalayan kittens for sale.

Himalayan Kittens - Ontario, Canada

  Kittens Available Now
Heart'nsoul Persian Kittens (CFA, CCA)
Email Caitlin Winn
Ontario, Canada
Himalayan Kitten Colors - Concentrating on chocolate and lilac but have all colours available

Himalayan Kittens for sale info: Heart'nsoul is a CFA and CCA registered hobby cattery working with top blood lines and rare colors. We are a 100% PKD/FIV/FeLV tested negative cattery and all of our kittens leave vet checked a minimum of two times, dewormed and they receive age appropriate vaccines. Our kitties receive the best possible care and plenty of love. Raised on a top quality no grain, high protein diet as nature intended! HOME TO THE WORLDS FIRST INT GC SOLID CHOCOLATE PERSIAN, CFA GC & CCA DBL GC, NW, BW Heart'nsoul's Sexy N I Know It.

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HEART'NSOUL Himalayans & Persians HEART'NSOUL Himalayans & Persians
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Himalayan Kittens - Missouri

  Kittens Available
Doll Face Persian Kittens Website (CFA)
Email Doll Face Persian Kittens
Telephone: (660) 292-2222
Missouri, USA

Himalayan Kitten Colors - Chocolate, Lilac, All Color Points, Solids, Bi-Colors, Calico, Smokes, Silvers and Goldens

Himalayan Kittens for sale info: We have focused our past 27 years in business on pristine health so distinctive, that it illuminates in the eyes of our kittens and throughout their elegant glossy coats.

A+ Rating with the BBB. State Licensed. 2016 Cattery of Excellence!

We have spent nearly 3 decades perfecting our miniature Persian and Himalayan kittens. Each is adorned with sweet and pouty doll-faces and melt your heart personalities. With a symphony of colors to choose from, each kitten is unique and special. Every kitten within our nursery is peacefully prayed over and given the highest quality care from the moment they enter this world until the time they venture off into their new forever homes. We take our surrogate parental role of your newest family member very seriously and think our number of years in business, factored with the glow of confidence, A+ personalities and a sheer elegance that beams in each of our kittens’ photos displayed within our website. Get ready to rest your eyes on some of the most ultra rare Persian kittens and cats in the world! Persian Kittens for Sale, Himalayan kittens for sale, Exotic short hair Persian kittens for sale. Teacup and Toy Persians in a rainbow of colors.

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Doll Face kittens for sale Doll Face kittens for sale Doll Face kittens for sale Doll Face kittens for sale
Doll Face kittens for sale Doll Face kittens for sale Doll Face kittens for sale Doll Face kittens for sale
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Himalayan Kittens - Russia

  Kittens Available
Aisalin Himalayan Cattery (CFA, TICA)
Email Aisalin Cattery
Telephone: +7 98 82 34 39 41
Himalayan Kitten Colors - Colorpoint all colors, including chocolate and lilac

Himalayan Kittens for sale info:
AISALIN is a small home cattery specializing in the Himalayan and colourpoint exotic all colours including chocolate and lilac. All kittens come with CFA and FIFe registration and vaccination records. Our kitties are raised in our home as part of our family. All our kittens are DNA PKD negative and immuninized. We love chocolate, and we hope to have an exotic chocolate lynx point in the show hall someday. Thank you for your time.

Other Breeder Listings -Himalayans, Persians, Exotics
Other Kitten Listings - Persian Kittens, Exotics Kittens

Aisalin kittens for sale Aisalin kittens for sale
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