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Cattery Web Designs
Custom cattery web design

Internet use is growing at an astonishing rate and as one of the greatest tools of the 20th Century for the distribution of information and marketing, it makes since to take advantage of this huge marketplace and establish your own presence on the world wide web.

You won't stand out if you are using the same clip art everyone else is using. Having a site custom made to meet your needs is easier and more affordable than you think. We offer a variety of inexpensive solutions helping your get you cattery on the net.

Web Design

° photo scanning
° custom graphics
° site publication
° custom animation
° banner creation
° site maintenance

We provide several different design packages giving you the flexibility to chose your website size and features that you can feel comfortable with. $250 and up

Domain Name
You will need a website address, otherwise no one will be able to visit your site. Some breeders choose to use geocites free hosting option if you don't mind a longer web address ( cattery) or having their advertisement banners plastered all your pages or even having your site temporary taken offline due to their bandwith limitations.

Another choice would be to get a custom domain name that you can choose, ( This can range anywhere between $9.95 a year and up.

In order to upload your new website to the Internet, you will need to be set up with a hosting service. This is where all your files/images will be stored. Elsewhere this can cost anywhere between $9.95 a month and up depending on your site specifications.

But why pay more for options you may not even need.....generally twenty mega-bites is more than sufficient for most medium size cattery sites. Having tried a variety of hosting services over the years, we found a particular one popular with most clients and hosting is absolutely free when you purchase a domain name for only $25 a year.

Website Maintenance
Another thing to think about is your web site maintenance needs. An important part of keeping your website up-to-date with fresh content, link/banner exchange and new photos. This can range from $40, pay only the months required or go with a yearly plan, with unlimited site updates and maintenance.

The popularity of having a cattery web site is increasing more and more each year. Exhibitors can place photos of their cats on their web site, and share about their accomplishments at the shows instantly and for free, compared to waiting many months for it to appear in a magazine or Yearbook paying hundreds of dollars for a full-page color ad.

Cattery Website Designs

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