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Persian Breeders!

Chocolate & Lilac Persians

If you're searching for chocolate or lilac Persians, click the cat breeders link below to go directly to the list of catteries working with these colors. Click the cattery name to access the breeders website where you can view pictures of their cats and kittens as well as contact infomation.

Cattery listing of breeders of Chocolate persians  Persian Breeder Listing

Chocolate Persian - Himalayan Articles, Photos, Info

Chocolate Lilac Persian - Himalayan Grand Gallery

Chocolate Persian Cat Pictures

Lilac Persian Cat Pictures

Chocolate Lilac Persian - Himalayan Articles

Beware Of The Imposters
   •Chocolate and lilacs at the cat show

Stirrin' Up The Gene Pool
   •Breeding chocolate and lilac

Stirrin' Up The Gene Pool, Part 2
   •Breeding chocolate and lilac

Chocolate Coated Cats:
   •Tyrosinase Related Protein 1 and Its Effect on Feline Coat Color

CFA Breed Article: Solid Persian
    Solid Chocolate & Solid Lilac Persians

CFA Breed Article: Particolor Persian
    •Chocolate Tortoiseshells and Lilac Cream Persians

Persian Cat Breed Information

CFA Persian Cat Breed Article
CFA Persian Breed Standard
TICA Persian Breed Standard

Breedlist with Persian cat books, calendars and more.

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