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Photo Display > Pictures of Newborn Chocolate Kittens

Newborn Kittens

Lilac point and seal point Himalayan newborn kitten pictures

Newborn Himalayan kitten
All Himalayan kittens are born solid white with pink nose leather and paw pads. Lilac point's have a more brighter white body with the point color coming in gradually compared to seal points whose ears will start to turn dark within several days.
At two weeks a lilac points ears are pale frosty gray in color with the nose leather turning a pinkish gray color compared to a seal points whose would be turning brown.
2 week old Himalayan newborn
Himalayan kitten photo 3 weeks old
By three weeks, his nose leather still a pinkish gray and paw pads pink, with feet, tail and ears light frosty gray color. In the sunllight the points shimmer a pale pinkish-gray with a hint of purple cast, hence its name lilac. This beautiful little baby already responds to my voice, by turning towards me, and softly meows as I talk to him.
At four weeks old they all respond to my voice with lots of meows as they all come towards me, still wobbling a bit, wanting to be petted and cuddled. Here the little ham is posing with his tongue sticking out.
4 weeks old Himalayan kittens
8 weeks old Himalayan kittens
In this photo is a lilac and seal point side by side. The lilac has a bright white body, frosty grey points, pinkish gray nose leather, pink paw pads compared to the seal point, whose points are blackish-brown in color, beige color body, blackish-brown nose leather and brown paw pads.

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