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Lilac Cat & Kitten Names!

A variety of fun lilac related kitty names to help you name your new lilac cat or kitten.

Also check out a fun list of chocolate names for your chocolate cat or kitten.

Lavender Rosebud
Lilac Fantasy
Lilac Wisteria
Lavendercream Swirl
Lilac Angel Dew
Lilac Kisses
Purplefrost Swirl
Lilac Rosepedal
Purple Passion
Lavender Angelmist
Lilacrose Fiesta
Lavenderpink Angell
Purple Colorburst
Lilacrose Starburst
Explosive Lavenderpink
Pinkviolet Kiss
Purple Heatwave
Lavender Frostwhisper
Purple Frost Charmer
Lilacfrost Treasure
Purplesage Special
Violetrose Celebration
Purple Sonicwave
Lilac Pearl Dazzler
Purple Fiesta Rose
Lilac Limited Edition
Purple Shimmer Star
Violetfrost Dazzler
Purple Primrose
Violet Showstar
Lilac Sky Fantasy
Lavender Bravo
Misty Lilac Frost
Purple Primetime
Koala Violettes
Violet Trailblazer
Violet Cascading Angel
Maverick Purple Star
Lavenderlight Eclipse
Designer Lilac Chiffon
Violet 'N Cream Swirl
Hot Lavender Magic
Purple Secret Recipe
Lavender Frost Treasure
Fantasia Lilac Lust
Lilacbear Paw
Lilac Delight Showstopper
Lavender Accent
Designer Purple Rose
Lilac-Hi Dazzler
Purple Frost Accent
Lavender Dew Drop
Lilac Star Dust
Lilac Diamond Blush
Infinity Lilac Rose
Mosaic Lilac
Lilac Fantasy Flair
Purple Frost Madness
Purple Wild Fire
Lilac Simplicity
Angel Violettes
Purple Vision
Indigo Frost
Purple Iris Frost
Purple Sunburst
Timeless Violet
Lilac Ways Surprise
Lilac Frost Avalanche
Lilac Lacey

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