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Cat breeder Janet Tyra Tyland  Chocolate & Lilac Persians

Spotlight on Tyland Persians
Tyland Cattery

Janet Tyra, Tyland cattery, Texas USA. Specializing in chocolate and lilac Himalayans.

When did your love for these colors begin?Tyland Cattery Chocolate Point Himalayan

In the early 70's.

Do you have a mentor, if so who?

Unfortunately, I don't. Toni Renzacci is a shining light to us all. I didn't have the pleasure of knowing her personally, but it is due to her dedication and hard work that we have such beautiful chocolates and lilacs today.

Tyland Cattery Lilac Point HimalayanDo you remember your very first chocolate/lilac brought into your program?

He was Ch. Devine's Dodai of Tyland, out of a Dutch import and a Jeanine CPC. Bred back to his seal point daughter, he produced my first chocolate point Grand, Tyland's Chocolate Kiss.

Tyland Cattery Chocolate Point Himalayan Kittens
Do you have a favorite color division? (bi-color, himalayan, solid, parti-color, smoke, tabby)

The pointed babies are my all time favorites. I've dabbled in chocolate bi-colors and smokes, but I gave up in a hurry. In the beginning, we worked hard to get the stripes OUT of our Himalayans. Now people are putting 'em back in. (But I must admit.......those lynx points are kinda cute!)

Do you have any particular favorite cats in your program?

I love them all, but I must admit.......the boys are the sweetest!

Since all Himalayans are born white at birth, at what age do you determine their color?

I've been fooled, but usually I can tell at birth.

Do you have any advice when distinguishing a spoiled seal point from a chocolate point?

First, look at the pedigree to see that the gene is on both sides. Be takes experience.

Tyland Cattery Chocolate point Himalayan
Do you have any advice when distinguishing a pale blue from a lilac Persian?

I find lilacs very different from blues, in that they are very pale and have a pinkish tint.

At what age do you determine their quality (pet,breed,show)?

At birth, although a top show kitten can become a pet if the adult teeth aren't straight.

What is the most difficult part of working with these colors?

Finding judges who recognize the colors and understand the problems we face in breeding them.

Tyland Cattery Lilac Point HimalayanWhat is the most rewarding experience working with these colors?

Seeing one's own chocolate or lilac in the ring with type as good as the other colors...........and having the judge appreciate (and reward) that fact.

What is your most important advice about these colors you'd like to give?

I agree with Lorraine concerning the need to outcross. Our chocolates tend to be small and fine boned, and this can be improved by crossing with lines which can correct these faults.

Is working with these colors for everyone? Do you have any advice to offer anyone just starting with these colors?

It helps if you don't mind beating your head against the wall! AND.......most is an expensive HOBBY.

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