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Cat Water Bottle Tips

Cat and Kitten Water Bottles

By Diana Heinzen

Many cat owners are providing water to their cats in the form of a water bottle. A self-contained water bottle holder which allows your cat to simply lick the tube to get water. Its easy to travel with and keep filled with fresh and clean water. No more messy spills or soggy food morsols floating around in a water dish.

Another great advantage is preventing water stains on Persians whose fur tends to get soaked while drinking from water dishes.Bottlebabies

If you want a little help getting your cat or kitten started quickly, you might want to try Diane Heinzen, TNT Perfect Persians, shared secret that has had great success with this formula as well as many others. (used with permission)

Getting kitties used to water bottles with the Tuna Water Trick. . . .

TUNA WATER: What you need is a can of Tuna packed in water, a water bottle (and I love Donna's bottles), a nylon stocking or cheese cloth, a container for the tuna, and a container to pour the water into.

1. Put the tuna in a container that you will be able to cover and keep in the refrigerator

2. Put at least 2 can of water into the bowl that you just poured the Tuna into, right with the Tuna

3. Mix the water and Tuna together so that the water is saturated with the Tuna taste

4. Strain some of the water through the nylon stocking or the cheese cloth
(I use a glass measuring cup so that it is easy to pour from there into the
water bottle)

5. Pour the Tuna water into your water bottle

6. Hook the water bottle onto the cage or if you are using one of Donna's water bottles you can just hook it to the stand

7. Put some of the baby food on your finger and offer it to the kitten. As the kitten licks the baby food from your finger move your finger to the tip of the water bottle and continue to put more baby food on the tip of the water bottle until the kitten is licking the baby food off the tip of the water bottle. As the kitten licks the baby food it will start the water coming from the tip and the kitten will get the taste of the Tuna Water and will continue to drink from it.

8. Put the rest of the Tuna Water in the refrigerator so that you can repeat the process for the next 48 hours or so. Each time there will be less Tuna taste and more water and before you know it the kitten will be drinking straight water from the water bottle. I don't leave the water down for very long so that it doesn't get. I only get new kittens on a water bottle when I am going to be there with them for a few days so that I can continue to put fresh water in it many times a day. I do not give them a bowl of water after I start the bottle system. I have gotten older kitties onto water bottles using this same system but I do find it takes a bit longer than it does with the kittens. Good Luck and please let me know how it works for you. I love hearing the fun stories about the kittens and the cats.

This cat water bottle article used with permission © Diana Heinzen, TNT Purrfect Persians

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